ANIET International Summit: a very positive journey

From the nature, to you!

The Congress Center of Alfândega do Porto received wednesday, November the 10th, the ANIET International Summit – International Conference of Natural Stone, where themes and trends for the future of the natural stone sector were discussed.

ANIET, the organizing entity of the event, is the business association that represents the industrial and ornamental rock quarries as well as the extractive and manufacturing Industry, is the only association that represents the mining sector, having the mission of supporting its associates, representing them and defending them due to their important economic and social role.

The objectives, which were to promote portuguese natural stone and promote it internationally, were completely fulfilled, according to The Director General of ANIET, Francelina Pinto:

“The final evaluation is very positive and I think it exceeded our expectations. We reached a large number of countries and markets and we attracted several Portuguese entities and companies, several international prescribers, such as architects, designers, associations similar to ANIET, construction offices, traders and, therefore, we have managed to reach a very wide range of participants and countries.”

The ANIET International Summit had 384 online participants, in addition to the nearly three dozen speakers and in-site participants. Although the previous edition was a face-to-face event, “this year, looking forward to any restrictions motivated by the sanitary situation we are experiencing, we chose to broadcast live streaming through a platform acquired by ANIET, thanks to a co-financed project, for this event.” Said the Director General of ANIET.